Tickets are sold through Liput -page.

Tickets are sold separately and in packages. When purchasing a package, you will receive a wrist band allowing you access to concerts and services. The full package includes concert tickets, the festival magazine, accommodation in a school and meals. The full package is also available without accommodation and breakfast. The half package (Fri-Sat or Sat-Sun) includes concert tickets, the festival magazine, school accommodation and meals for the days in question. The one-day package consists of concert tickets and meals (breakfast not included) for Saturday, as well as the festival magazine. The concert ticket package includes concert tickets and the festival magazine. If you wish to have breakfast but no accommodation, you must sign up for breakfast in advance.

– Transportation tickets to and from the accommodation facilities are not included in the package prices.
– Purchasing a package is less expensive than buying tickets separately. Purchased packages may be collected at the Fair Center. Individual tickets are sold at Gatorade Center.


Package Prices
Full package 68 €
Full package without accommodation 60 €
Half package (Fri-Sat) 60 €
Half package (Sat-Sun) 60 €
One-day package (Sat) 52 €
Concert ticket package 52 €

Registration by Nov. 4th. After this, 5 euros will be added to the package prices and accommodation cannot be guaranteed. After Friday, Nov. 4th, no more than five packages per group may be canceled free of charge. We reserve the right to charge the full purchase price for any exceeding cancelations.


Individual tickets
Individual tickets to concerts and events are sold at Gatorade Center and the Fair Center.

Friday night concert 20 €
Saturday morning concert 12 €
Saturday afternoon concert 20 €
Saturday night concert 24 €
Sunday afternoon concert 16 €
Accommodation & breakfast 10 €/night
Breakfast 4 €
Lunch 6 €
Evening snack 4 €
Transportation to schools 3 € / oneway

PLEASE NOTE! The following tickets are only available as a part of ticket packages; they are not sold separately:
Gospel Mine I & II
Theater Stage I & II

It is not permitted to bring any bottles into the Gatorade Center and Fair Center concerts. All bottles and cans are forbidden! Unopened 2dl juice cartons are allowed. We reserve all rights to possible changes to security arrangements.